Macha Monkey Productions

fearless, funny, female theatre

Lollyville (reading)

  • Written by Bret Fetzer and Juliet Waller Pruzan
  • Directed by Kristina Sutherland
Stone Soup Theatre
4029 Stone Way N
Friday, May 24, 2013 - 8 pm


The performance will include a full cast of actors in a staged, script-in-hand, one-night-only performance, followed by a talk back with the playwrights and director.

Synopsis: In a hidden valley lies Lollyville, a hidden village inhabited solely by women...but haunted by the Ghost of a travelling salesman who died of heartbreak. Now he seeks to inflict heartbreak on Lollyville itself: On Ruth, a lowly factory worker who resists Lollyville's communal spirit by raising two children by herself in the basement of her home; on Jessica and Alice, two schoolteachers in love whose romance falls into jeopardy when Alice's spirits sink...and her body becomes inexplicably heavy; and on Isobel, Lollyville's resident therapist, who has never known loneliness until a mysterious book of poetry falls into her hands. Their stories sinuously intertwine, punctuated here and there by lusty mountaineers, frown collectors, and sun-worshipping ladybugs.

Production Team:
Kristina Sutherland - Director
Joseph Swartz - Lighting Design
Crispin Speath - Choreographer
Catherine Blake Smith - Production Manager

Aimee Bruneau
Sara Coates
Meaghan Halverson
Erin Pike
Raymond Williams
Sarah Winsor