Macha Monkey Productions

fearless, funny, female theatre


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Critical Accolades

Macha Monkey is a beloved company.
-The Stranger

Franklin and Figaro

"Kristina Sutherland's Franklin and Figaro is the type of play that gets a regular theatre-goer excited: A clever original script, expertly produced by a small theatre company, with a strong cast of local actors. This is what fringe theatre was supposed to be but rarely managed."
-The Seattlest

"The couplets, live viola and cello, silhouette vignettes, and mysterious all-Ben Franklin masque turn Franklin and Figaro into a real pleasure."
-The Stranger

We Are Not These Hands

"Orphan argot well-executed by Macha Monkey...innovative twists...daring ideas...passages of dialogue as stunning as they are hilarious"
- Seattle Weekly

Fall Off Night

Even Fall Off Night's scene changes are fun to watch. This is a play full of surprises, a homeless woman losing body parts, an obscene helicopter flyby, and a possum describing her own death. Everything goes so smoothly, the production practically hums."
- The Stranger

The Cowgirl Play

A Hit! Beautiful three-part harmonies.
-The Seattle Times

Totally fun to watch.
-The Stranger

Funny, empowering, and playfully bawdy, this hilarious and endearing show takes up where Thelma and Louise left off, only these cowgirls ride triumphantly into the sunset, hootin' and hollerin' to beat the band.
-The Seattle Weekly

R (The Swashbuckling Tale of Anne Bonny and Mary Read)

Mark this down as another triumph for Sutherland and Prewitt, whose collaborative efforts are bound to be more profitable and longer than their unfortunate protagonists ever enjoyed. 5 Stars
-Edmonton Journal

R is a great story, covering the gamut of action and emotion in a scant hour, supported by strong acting and terrific swordplay.
-The Star Phoenix

Melancholy Play

Every now and then, a production comes along that is so superbly executed it floods you with happiness Perfect
-The Seattle Weekly

"It would betray the production's charm to reveal too much; just go see it."
-The Stranger

Who knew a wallow in sorrow could be such fun? 2004 Seattle Times Footlight Award Winner for Best Fringe Theatre Production
-The Seattle Times


Action-packeddownright funkypostmodern urban malaise with lighthearted charm.
-The Stranger

Live Girls Do Elektra

Prewitt and Sutherland move from character to character and from ritual to black comedy seamlesslytheir imagination is boundless sublime.
-Albuquerque Sunday Journal

Electrifying, intelligent, very witty absolutely amazing.
-CBC-TV, Winnipeg; TOP TEN LIST, Winnipeg Fringe