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Monkey Works at Hawthorn Elementary

Catch the latest Monkey Works productions on April 9, 2015 at 1:45 in the Hawthorn Elementary School auditorium:

In the play by Mrs. Hunter’s 4th grade class, members of a tribe along the coast of what is now Washington work hard all year long. One day they just can't fall asleep. Luckily a storyteller shares a bedtime myth that comes to life. In this myth, a group of lazy children has run away because they are tired of being called "Lazy Bones." After spending time with a group of swans who teach them all sorts of useful and practical skills they have to make some difficult choices. Will they return? Will their family respect them?

Mrs. Lystra's 4th grade class explores a Plateau Native American tribe. People pick berries, go hunting, and build shelters. Bored with normal life, a group of young people seek an adventure. Unfortunately, they are swept down a river! Meanwhile, the rest of the tribe needs to pack up and move on to another location. Will they ever be reunited!

Meet the MacArthur Family

And now to introduce the cast of Macha Monkey's upcoming production of And, And, And Isabella Bootlegs, written by Samantha Cooper and directed by Norah Elges:

  • Sharon Barto as Tilly
  • Carrie Cates as Brooklyn
  • Caitlin Frances as Isabella
  • Jocelyn Maher as Mary
  • David Rollison as Finley
COMING MAY 8th, 2015 at the Cornish Black Box Theater